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In first phase of long-term project on Tonto National Forest lakes, AZGFD biologists sink fish habitat structures

Fishidign HighRiseTM installed into Roosevelt Lka ein ArizonaHabitat is dropped into Roosevelt Lake Thursday, April 20.

PHOENIX – They are manmade homes for fish, some made of concrete, others of PVC, and like building a neighborhood, provide the architecture for sustainable life.

The first step in placing fish habitat into the central Arizona reservoirs took place on Thursday, April 20 at Roosevelt Lake with Arizona Game and Fish Department biologists dropping Fishiding HighRise structures made of environmentally-safe PVC to the bottom of Roosevelt Lake. These recycled items, 8 feet tall and excellent habitat for crappie, became the first fish homes. AZGFD plans to expand them into fish cities.

For anglers, this Tonto National Forest Lakes Habitat Improvement Project will result in better fishing for generations to come in the region’s most popular fishing lakes.

Ongoing improvements to Rosy

Also in April, Roosevelt Lake was stocked with 12,000 crappie fingerlings, as well as 25,000 4-inch Florida-strain largemouth bass for the third consecutive year. Roosevelt Lake also is above 70-percent full for the first time since October of 2011. The higher water level has flooded shoreline brush that provides more cover and habitat for spawning fish. The fish habitat improvement project includes placing multiple types of fish habitat around the lake at varied depths to ensure there is plenty of fish habitat available for when water level fluctuates.

Similar work is planned for other lakes along the Salt River chain and Bartlett Lake. The next planned step involves AZGFD biologists using a 36-foot pontoon boat to transport and lower heavier concrete fish habitat structures — critical to anglers’ fishing opportunities — into Roosevelt Lake.

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​Artificial fish habitat or fish attractors, which do the fish need and why?

First off, let's not continue to confuse fish habitat with fish attractors. There are many substantial differences between the two and what each product is intended for. Both products attract fish, but only true habitat can grow more fish.    Under the Fisheries Act, fish habitat is defined as: “Spawning grounds and nursery, rearing, food supply [...]

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CRU Corner: Rating Fish Habitat Impairment in Our Nation’s Reservoirs

The U.S. Geological Survey Mississippi Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit surveyed habitat impairment in U.S. reservoirs and developed a tool for rating reservoirs relative to fish habitat status. The habitat ratings provide a measure of the overall habitat impairment status of a reservoir and can be used for rapid assessment and for comparing reservoirs. [...]

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Original Fishiding Habitat Musky Study

Wild Rose muskie-rearing study dependent on vinylBY LARRY POLENSKE CONTRIBUTING WRITERPosted on September 5, 2013Wild Rose, Wis. — A study to see if artificial structure placed in rearing ponds improves growth rates and hardiness of muskies is being conducted at the Wild Rose Fish Hatchery.Pieces of “structure” made from scrap vinyl was bought for the [...]

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Fishiding Joins Friends of Reservoirs to Improve habitat Nationwide

Friends of Reservoirs would like to welcome Fishiding.com of Wonder Lake, Illinois as a corporate sponsor. Fishiding uses reclaimed construction material to make artificial fish habitat. Not only are these products great for attracting fish but by using reclaimed material, Fishiding is keeping these materials from filling up local landfills. David Ewald, owner of Fishiding.com, has been active in [...]

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Fishiding Leads the Way in Artificial Fish Habitat-Designed By Fish, For Fish

SATURDAY, JUNE 21, 2014  Newly placed, this Fishiding High Rise model towers 12 feet off the lake floor and will soon become a haven for fish in lakes where natural cover is at a premium. (C)Eric Engbretson Photo Artificial fish habitat structures are becoming more popular today. They're being used more and more, especially [...]

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New habitat reaches higher, standing taller than ever thought possible with Vertical UpRiseTM

The much needed ability to reach higher in the water column with artificial fish habitat has been un-locked with the new HighRise Habitat with Vertical UpRiseTM from Fishiding.com. This balancing act between weight, height, leverage and size has finally become a reality in these new magnum tall habitat units.Biologists and pond owners are learning the [...]

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Aquatechnex and Fishiding Provide Artificial Fish Habitat in Western U.S.

We have teamed up with yet another industry leader Aqutechnex.com, providing Fishiding artificial fish habitat  to their clients. Water quality assesment, lake and pond management and a mutitude of mapping options are available to help clients make sound decisions regarding their specific waterway/project.Aquatechnex operates primarily in the states of Arizona, California, Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington. Aquatechnex [...]

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Eagle Scout wins award with artificial fish habitat project

In the far Northwest suburbs, away from the fast paced city of Chicago, a 17 year old boy loves the outdoors and fishing. This outdoor lifestyle in our youth is alive and well in our Nation, thanks in part to The Boy Scouts of America. As our world changes at this alarming rate, Scouts continue to build boys [...]

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