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Fish Structures meet Fish Attractors

Fish Structures meet Fish Attractors

Posted by David Ewald on 10th Aug 2022

In todays market of instant need and faster delivery, some companies are choosing to sell cookie cutter fish attractors. The same size, same color, same texture, same flexes, just the same everything. Mass produced fish attractors pumped out for the maximum profit. Nothing wrong with that way of thinking unless you are a fish.Pipe fish attractors

Good business maybe, but definitely not good for the fish. Fish need protection and places to relax the same as all beings. Are we really at a place where we have created plastic trees that are "as real as it gets" Is this a fish structure now, with no variation and complexity? I hope for the fish, real means just that, not man made, not from stamped out molds of plastic in cool colors, but real materials from mother earth. 

tube fish tree

The more stress free our daily lives become, the better we feel, eat , sleep and play, also including reproduction. Shelter, access to food and cover are important to us all, including the fish. Swim with them , film them and watch what they do, that will show you with truth, what they need and prefer. It's variety, not uniformity that wins every time.

shallow artificial fish habitat

Is a bunch of those fish attractors together in a pile really a "fish city"?  A city maybe, or is this a so called fish structure that is only appealing to a certain demographic, tolerable to size constraints, lack of privacy, space and limited resources? Is it simply track housing, where every unit is the same and lacks variety or complexity? Fish like humans, deer, birds and bugs, flourish when intricacy and complexity is available in the right ratios. Fish attractors don't and selling the dream that they do is simply a sales pitch.

Shallow water fish habitat

Selling the dream of no snags and huge fish. Ambush spots with tiny spaces, a one stop product for every possible underwater scenario of conditions. Is this the full spectrum of habitat they claim the fish love? Sounds like a promise from a salesman, not a bass or bluegill, who buy the way don't care if you get snagged and break off. Who is really getting attracted here, is it the fish, because it creates a great place to eat and raise a family? Or is it you and I perhaps, fooled by the salesman, promising us that ten pounder is just a few hundred bucks away? 

fishiding fish tree

The truth lies in the fish. All creatures including fish, will attempt refuge in whatever form it is presented. That is the case everywhere, until more variety is available. This is when a species does well when more complexity and size housing is present. Shallow and dense fish cover for smaller fish and bugs, much different than the needs of bigger predators. It's protection, not attraction that keeps us safe from predators and harm.