Eagle Scout wins award with artificial fish habitat project

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In the far Northwest suburbs, away from the fast paced city of Chicago, a 17 year old boy loves the outdoors and fishing. This outdoor lifestyle in our youth is alive and well in our Nation, thanks in part to The Boy Scouts of America. As our world changes at this alarming rate, Scouts continue to build boys into men with ethical, honest and life building challenges. The dedication to study, practice and hone new skills throughout their school years, takes unique and talented individuals. Eagle Scout is the final stage, the ultimate youth achievement and superior mark on a youngsters resume. Twelve years of dedication, volunteering and leading by example, Kevin Wilkins of Gurnee Illinois is an Eagle Scout.

build your own habitat

Early last spring, Kevin contacted an artificial habitat company Fishiding.com about his idea about improving habitat in the local Park district pond for his Eagle Scout project. He had read about the artificial fish habitat products, made here in the U.S. from reclaimed vinyl siding. This patented process creates unique and abstract sizes and textures of habitat, cemented into containers that act as the weight. Kevin was interested in how the process works and if they might have time for him to come out with his dad John and look around. After a couple of hours, dozens of models and piles of material profiles to discuss, Kevin and John both left with heads full of newly learned “fishy” information. They all loaded the car with a variety of material types, sizes and textures for Kevin to begin to put his plan into action. “It will continue to grow food and protect fish forever, I like that” he said with plans taking shape and fishing again creeping into his mind.

Kevin’s project was picked as one of the top three in the district for this year the North Star District of the N.I.C. 

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North Star District serves the communities of: Antioch, Beach Park, Fox Lake, Gages Lake, Grayslake, Gurnee, Ingelside, Island Lake, Millburn, North Chicago, Lake Villa, Lindenhurst, Round Lake Communities, Third Lake, Winthrop Harbor, Wadsworth, Wauconda, Waukegan, Wildwood, and Zion.


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Kevin and his enthusiastic group of friends,Scouts and parents teamed together to make this project a huge success. Not only was Kevin awarded with this prestigeous honor, but the Park District, the fish and the fishers all gain long term benefits. We thank not only Kevin, but the Leaders, parents and local officials that are open to improving their fisheries and teaching our youth how to protect and preserve.

Watch the video showing how all the work was acomplished............