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Building PVC Fish Attractors For Crappie Structure

Building PVC Fish Attractors For Crappie Structure

Posted by David Ewald on 6th Feb 2024

PVC Fish Structure by Fishiding.comCrappie are a species of fish that favor certain PVC Structure Designs, specifically the ones with vertical presentations. These fish like to swim up and down, inside and out of the artificial cover all day long. The vertical element of fish attractors are most important here. Unlike the preferred Bass habitat of dense fish cover and shade, Crappie like to congregate in groups, around stake beds or other mostly vertical natural or PVC fish structure.

Building PVC fish attractors for Crappie structure, requires less materials than building other types of fish attractors. This means that less materials go further, allowing you to install more fish cover that holds Crappie and their food source of minnows. Willow, bamboo, hardwood limbs and PVC pipe attractors all create vertical cover that Crappie use throughout the season. Fish habitat location, installed fish attractor depth, water clarity and much more, dictate when and where the Crappie structure gets used. 

                                                          PVC Crappie Stake Bed StructureHere's a few tested and trusted ways to make your own Crappie attractors and create Crappie structure you can fish all season long. It's hard to beat a bucket or cinder block with cement poured into the holes. No need to fill them all the way up, they are good and heavy three fourths full. Before you fill the cavities with wet cement, put the blocks or open ended pipes on cardboard, which helps set up the bottom faster. We prefer mortar mix of sand and cement. After the containers are full of wet cement, put a tomato cage over the cinder block upside down. This will help hold all the vertical pieces upright while the cement sets up over night. Next stick all the various pieces of materials into the cement and display.  You can add wood, PVC pipe attractors, stake beds or PVC stakes mixed into one large PVC fish habitat. A mixture of materials makes the best fish cribs for Crappie of all sizes. Setting up next to a bench or railing can help hold all the PVC loose habitat materials together. PVC fish habitat can be fun to make and fish all year! The best homemade Crappie structure is the DIY fish habitat type made by you!



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