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Why do I need to add fish habitat in my pond or lake?

24th Mar 2011

Ponds and lakes, including smaller garden and koi ponds, with the right amount of structure provide a balanced ecosystem for the fish and fisherman. Structures placed in the right locations are fish magnets that dramatically increase fishing success. There are many choices of products to use.

Natural products work well, but decay rapidly and need to be replaced frequently.. The industry has turned their focus towards artificial fish habitat, lasting for generations. A mixture of products often work well, placing fish attractors in clusters of three or more units each. Habitat improvements can also result in larger fish, based on specific conditions. For example:

A bass has to eat 10 pounds of fish in order to gain one pound.

Small 1-inch bluegill usually weigh about 5 pounds per 1,000 fish.

The bass would have to eat 2,000 bluegill to gain one pound.

Adding protective cover such as our cradle model will allow the young bluegill to survive and grow for an additional number of months.

In just one month, bluegill can quickly grow to 20 pounds per 1,000 fish.

If adequate cover is available, placed in key locations, a bass only has to eat 500 of these bluegill to gain a pound. This means much less energy is expanded allowing energy for growth.


Artificial fish habitat made of fine textured fingers like the cradle from fishiding, will protect your forage base until maturity to provide the needed food for growing bass,crappie and all fish.

The cradle.

fish habitat for fry is the start to a balanced ecosystem



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