The Benefit of Fish Cover by David Beasley,Fisheries Biologist

15th Mar 2011

Aesthetics is the primary goal of many pond owners. Unfortunately most ponds become overwhelmed with unsightly vegetation if they are left unmanaged. Many species of aquatic plants are beneficial to the aquatic community, but most ponds are shallow which can result in plants taking over the entire pond.

To effectively control vegetation in shallow ponds we often need to eradicate the plants. Often, the unwanted plants are the primary source of protection for small fish. As we eradicate the plants, we take away hiding places for small fish. As a result, these fish often become an easy meal for their predators.

The Cradle
Fine, dense cover for all small fish and minnows

Whether trying to maintain a balanced pond with a healthy ecosystem, or looking to reduce mosquito larvae populations, It is important to have refuge for small fish. Proper hiding places will give small fish a better oppourtunity to survive long enough to reproduce, resulting in well- needed recruitment. Unfortunately, this important process can be disrupted when eradicating vegetation in ponds.

An ideal way to help fish populations maintain balance while meetingthe goals of asthetics and pond health is to provide small fish with additional sources of cover. The most effecient and long-term solution is to use material that will not decompose over the coarse of a couple of years and is designed to harbor small fish. Using concrete,rock and pvc materials, pond owners can provide small fish with proper refuge to thrive without the need for vegetation.

Two manmade product lines that provide good cover are the the Fishiding products and honeyhole. Depending on goals,each type has advantages. Man made structures are a great tool that should be considered when maintaining a balanced ecosystem or a large population of small fish to consume mosquito larvae.

The greater number of small fish within a pond, the healthier the ecosystem and the fewer mosquito larvae that will make it to adulthood. Find all the fishiding artificial fish habitat products at We offer 6 different sizes of fish attractors and have many different densities of cover  for bass,crappie,panfish,perch cover to name a few.