PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. Joins Fishiding to Improve Fish Habitat in 14 States

Posted by David Ewald on 19th Mar 2014

We are proud to announce another fine company and group of professionals to our growing dealership network. By offering their clients the latest and proven products available, they continue to grow throughout the eastern, south and midwestern states, by providing the best in lake, Land and Consulting advice and service.

Take a look through their vast website for all your outdoor needs!

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp.

…is an American, woman-owned and operated small business whose goal for over thirty years has been to protect your property from the aesthetic and economic damage caused by invasive plant species. We provide a team of expert biologists, foresters, ecologists and managers to evaluate your environment, prioritize existing problems and develop plans to prevent new infestations.

American Owned and Operated Since 1979

PLM offers a variety of watershed management tools, products and services including lake and pond surveys, vegetation mapping (AVAS), invasive species management plans, herbicide and algaecide applications for aquatic and terrestrial species, bathymetric mapping, water quality testing, aquatic harvesting, aeration / fountains, fish assessments, and right of way (ROW) management. Our company also caters to the invasive plant and algae control needs of power generation companies.

Our proven watershed management cycle “Evaluate, Prescribe, Implement” assures constant care and follow-up measures for each customer.

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. (formerly “Professional Lake Management”) has locations in four states: Michigan, Minnesota, North Carolina, and South Carolina.

Our Mission:

  • To offer the highest quality invasive species management products and services available.
  • To continually seek out and implement new technologies and services to provide the most cost-effective watershed management options to our customers.
  • To employ, develop and retain educated, experienced professionals to ensure effective, environmentally sound solutions.

Chemical Side Trimming

Use of herbicides to control growth of portions of limbs that could affect power lines or roadside access, safety, and visibility. Certain herbicides can effectively “prune back” only the treated limbs and not control the tree completely. Application is made to limbs during winter months when deciduous trees are without foliage and conifers are dormant.

Acquatic Plant Management

Aquatic Weed Control – Herbicide Application

Herbicides represent a very rapid, effective method for controlling many aquatic plants. Most aquatic herbicides are selective, i.e., they control some plant species more effectively than others. A permit from your local state government may be required to treat aquatic vegetation with an herbicide. PLM programs include the processing of permits. When using aquatic herbicides, depending on product type, amount, and rate used, there may be water use restrictions following treatments, PLM handles all required restriction posting.

PLM Lake & Land Management Corp. is one of the largest aquatic herbicide and algaecide application companies in the United States. Our GPS enabled application equipment includes airboats, conventional outboard-powered boats, and a variety of land-based vehicles. PLM Lake & Land Management is licensed and certified to apply aquatic herbicides and algaecides across the United States. Our aquatic herbicide and algaecide applicators use state-of-the-art equipment in compliance with State and Federal regulations.

Title Block Consultant Services

PLM Lake & Land Management offers a Fish Assessment Service that can help pond owners and lake residents to improve their fish populations. Based on fish population characteristics and current habitat information, we make recommendations to optimize each water body’s fishery potential. These recommendations may range from habitat management strategies, water quality improvements, fish removal or stocking, and volunteer fishing programs that protect crucial breeding populations.