“Fishing Tournaments that Produce more Fish”

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“Fishing Tournaments that Produce more Fish”

“Catch and Create” Habitat Improvement Tournaments by Fishiding.com

Can you compete and still be on the same team? We all want improved fishing and habitat is the key. Think of how many Bass, Crappie and Walleye Tournaments are held on our Nation’s waters each year.

If each event left some needed habitat in the lake when they left, wouldn’t it be a better lake when they returned? Each lake has different habitat needs and artificial habitat can accommodate them all.

From local events, to High school, College and Pro, fish habitat improvements are becoming a needed and common project on the list. As we know, habitat loss and degradation is not an issue that can wait any longer. About half of the Nation’s waters are impaired and almost all need more habitat.

Now think about how many anglers attend those events and the number of fish they each catch. If each angler installed some habitat during the event, the odds go back to the fish, providing improved cover!

All fishers know a good group of cover is a great spot to fish. The fish are there because the food is present and abundant, growing on the habitat. More habitat means more fish, it’s that simple!

Creating more fish habitat to provide food and protection allows fish to thrive and survive. Installing artificial habitat ensures decades of ongoing angling enjoyment, not only for tournament fishing, but our grandchildren, families, neighbors and beyond. Installing large clusters of habitat to hold massive numbers of fish should be a team effort. Join the team and start creating approved habitat today.

Give something back to the fish at your next sponsored event. The fish and the fishers will prosper!

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“Catch and Create” Habitat Improvement Tournaments by Fishiding.com

Every boat in field receives an artificial habitat unit to bend and install during event.

All entered boats must properly bend and install habitat unit in *designated area(s).

Giving habitat, time and effort back to the fishery the event is held on, each fisherman/boat bends and installs his/her habitat unit to promote and sustain the fishery.

Long lasting and safe, reclaimed PVC units are self-weighted and stay in place.

No tools, ropes or accessories needed. Bend to shape by hand and toss in water.

Sponsor donations and a portion of entry fee used to purchase habitat units.

All Shipping Charges donated By Fishiding.com for habitat improvement.

* Local officials will provide maps showing drop zone marked with buoys. All habitat units are required to be installed within these designated marked areas. See specific tournament rules.