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Musky and Vinyl siding?

14th Nov 2011

Paul Baker of Legends Guide Service in Minnesota sunk some fishiding samples we sent out for him to try. Here's what he has to say.....


Hey David,

Attached is a fish I caught right off the deep edge of the structure
you sent me...52 inch mama in September.  Caught a few more casting
the deep side of the structure layout...needless to say I am sold on
your products and I will be getting more in the spring.  I didn't get
to fish much in October and that is usually my favorite month (too
many work and kid things going on)  I am thinking your structures will
have the greatest benefit in early spring and late fall fishing
applications.  These are the times when weed growth is low and your
artificial products will offer bait fish a shelter...and attract our
bass, pike, and muskies!

What benefits if any have folks seen placing them for ice fishing?
Maybe even in deeper water for walleyes or crappies in the winter?  My
brain will be processing good spots to place structure...right now 25
yards off the end of my dock comes to mind so we can hammer sunfish
and bass with the kids.  Would that be cheating? Hahaha

Take care,

Legends Guide Service
Hunting, Fishing, and Outdoor Adventures



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