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 Handmade artificial habitat products, utilizing reclaimed pre and post consumer PVC without manufacturing. Each individual model is unique, with no two units being exactly the same, as found in nature. Countless forms of PVC vinyl from multiple industries, provide unlimited variation in thickness, weight, rigidity and shape. With a multitude of buoyancy/displacement properties, each type of vinyl material creates a model that comes to life in an underwater environment, flowing gently with waves and currents. 


"Install it once, grow fish forever"

        "The only patented habitat allowing cement to be poured in a base with flat limbs, creating textures and shapes as realistic as nature, providing long term fish habitat."

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Engbretson Underwater Photography


 Fishiding habitat products are made from reclaimed PVC Vinyl materials destined for landfills. Our patented process allows the re-use of this clean, safe and stable material without reprocessessing. Dozens of models are achieved by simply washing, cutting and displaying in various configurations with proper base diameters, balance and weight. No heat, chemicals, parts or adhesives, tools or additional supplies are needed to install. 


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 In general, each unit consists of a PVC base, various lengths, widths and sizes of flat limbs  which models can be bent by hand to form intricate and realistic aquatic plant textures and cover and others models simply unwrap and get dropped directly in the lake. Fishiding habitat units also provide wide, shade producing cover along with textured and weathered surfaces throughout, promoting periphyton and algae growth. 

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All habitat units come with self standing incorporated weight and can be bent into the desired shape before being placed in the water by tossing overboard or “planting” on a dry lake bed. Individual habitat models range between $25.00 and $325.00 ea. with surface area ranging from 10 Square feet to 255 square feet per unit.

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 Fishiding Habitat Structures are designed to provide fish cover in shallow, transition, mid depth and deep water ,for all species of fresh and saltwater fish. Offering short, dense models with 100’s of ¼” wide strands to protect your fry, up to three piece models with hundreds of 1”-4” wide limbs, standing vertical up to 15 feet tall on any slope with Vertical UpRiseTM. No tools or hardware are used to assemble the products, just bend the limbs with your hand to the desired shape and place in lake.



Materials:  Materials consist of reclaimed PVC vinyl materials and cement. We have always been firm in using only reclaimed pvc materials, destined for landfills. We don't support the manufacture and use of more plastics into our environment for fish habitat, instead we simply utilize what is being discarded by reclaiming the already millions of tons of PVC wasted each year and buried the majority of which is pre-consumer waste.


Textures: The unlimited degrees of texture, shape and flexibility, allow fish to escape and flourish within the realistic maze of smooth and snag free limbs, strands and shade producing cover.


   Structures should be placed in clusters of three or more to improve mass and effectiveness, with limbs just touching adjacent unit.  Varying base weights and diameters ensure vertical stability. Each unit is hand made in the USA.


 Average life of structure:  Long term, indefinitely if un-exposed to UV light and air.