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  "More Surface Area Grows More Fish"

    American Made with American Materials 

fishiding-structures-fhs-147.jpg   Eric Engbretson Photography


Fisherman, lake and pond owners, Biologists agree, Fishiding's reclaimed PVC is the new long term habitat choice from coast to coast for all types of creatures that swim. 

Hatchery environments are enjoying the benefits of re-use.  Fisherman enjoy the snag free limbs and the massive schools of fish/bait that they hold, feeding on the aquatic growth.

The more fish graze on this "Aquatic Mother's Milk", the faster it replenishes itself, removing excessive nutients from the water and converting it back to fish food. Create a Feeding explosion!


     "Install it once, fish it forever"

safehouse-fish-attractors.jpg  fishiding-structures-in-place.jpg 

Future generations of fisherman, lake and pond owners and fisheries professionals, all prosper from the combined efforts of reclaiming lost fish habitat. Sink a group of Fishiding structures in your favorite fishing spot to hold fish tight and catch more quality fish in cleaner water. Call to talk about how our artificial habitat can help you and your pond improve fishing, growth rates and water quality at the same time!!

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      Shallow structure                            Build your own                    Deepwater structure