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Why We Need to Protect Fish Habitats More & More

Why We Need to Protect Fish Habitats More & More

Posted by Fish Hiding on 27th Jun 2024

About three-fourths of the world’s surface is covered by water that is home to an incredible variety of fish and other aquatic species. It’s easy to think those species are firmly protected against sudden die-offs, but reality proves otherwise. It’s very important to preserve the habitats that support fish and other aquatic species. Here’s why it continually becomes more important for humans to protect aquatic creatures with a fish habitat.

Rapid Species Extinction Occurring

A combination of natural and man-made causes is contributing to a massive die-off of the world's fish species. According to GenV, marine biodiversity is declining rapidly with about half of ocean-going species dying out from 1970 to 2012. That’s a sudden decline in about four decades, which amounts to a global extinction event. The faster fish die out, the more endangered mankind is due to the same thing, instead of adapting to changing conditions.

Fish Are Bellwether Species

The entire world depends on good, clean water for drinking, growing crops, and harvesting fish from the rivers, lakes, and seas. When fish start dying off at an alarming rate, it’s a bad omen for mankind, because we depend on the same water resources. Many man-made materials have harmed fish, including mercury, lead, and many more. Forever chemicals are one of the latest threats to aquatic life and affect humans, too.

Fish Provide Us with Food and Fun

Fish have fed mankind since humans first existed. The ability to catch, clean, and cook fish has fed countless civilizations since the dawn of time. Today, fish remains a very popular food source, especially for those who love sushi. It also is a lot of fun to catch fish and either release them back into the water or take some home for a bountiful meal. Commercial and recreational fishing remains very popular.

Fish Are Essential for a Healthy Ecosystem

Fish are also important due to their very positive effects on their ecosystem by providing nutrients from algae and other aquatic species. Fish feed on many types of aquatic plants, insects, and other fish that otherwise might overtake the ecosystem and ruin it. Fish are terrific at recycling the nutrients they take in while feeding, which helps the rest of their aquatic ecosystem and fish habitat to thrive.

You are welcome to call or visit us to meet with one of our friendly and professional staff members to discuss purchasing and installing a variety of natural and artificial fish habitat. We offer a variety of fish habitats for many fish species. Always free customized, hand drawn fish habitat designs are available for any lake, pond or waterway. We look forward to working with you to harbor and grow more fish, all while protecting your investment.



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