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NFL Player Chris Kelsay Tackles Fishing Lake Project in Nebraska

11th Apr 2012


What kind of habitat helps the fish grow large and the water stay clear? Can you actually dictate where to cast your lure to find a bass lurking in the shaded cover like a defensemen reads a quarterback?

If you spend the time and effort to plan the design of your lake or pond from start to finish, you can achieve these goals and much more. Chris Kelsay, veteran linebacker/defensive end of the Buffalo Bills has a passion for more than just football.

 Chris not only loves to tackle running backs and wide receivers, but big bass are also on the hit list. Growing up in Nebraska, Chris has loved the outdoors all his life. When he’s not playing ball, he’s often talking fishing and hunting with his family and friends, planning his next adventure with his bow, firearms or fishing rods.  Chris plays off the field with as much intensity as he does at work, stalking, sneaking and outsmarting his opponents with hard work and dedication.

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