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Steward of the Week: David Ewald

By FishRecycler | May 7, 2012


David Ewald - Steward of the Week

All anglers know that most fish species relate to structure.  Every piece of literature aimed at teaching anglers how to catch more and bigger fish makes it a point to mention this important aspect of a fish’s tendencies.  Anglers throw their lures at stumps, trees, rocks, drop offs, etc.  What lies beneath the water can tell the tale of whether he or she has a memorable experience on the water or shelve their rods and reels out of frustration.  Anglers have purposely dropped Christmas trees into their favorite lakes to concentrate fish – and help make their favorite lake more productive.  The only downfalls with trees are that they eventually decay and also tend to be “lure collectors,” creating frustrating snags that interrupt our fishing experiences.  So what else can we do?

How about PVC? more