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Welcome to Structurespot. We produce the industry's only line of products designed specifically for: Accurate Fish Habitat Placement. Until now,  it has been impossible to know exactly where each individual structure unit comes to rest after being submerged. Correct fish structure placement is crucial to   maximize the benefits to both the fish and fisherman. Design and install your next structure project with "Spot-on" accuracy.

First, select the area and type of structure you want to install. Structurespotworks on all types of products that sink. Load the boat and prepare each structure unit for sinking. For depths up to 30', use the green/Black smallspot and up to 60', use the larger yellow/Black deepspot.
Next, grab the Structurespot with one hand and clip it to the top of the prepared structure unit. Be sure to attach the sturdy spring clip to the top, to pull free once submerged. Throw the structure in the lake and watch the Structurespot rise directly above the Spot. The ballast weight system ensures a truly vertical Spotthat stays put until you are ready to remove them.


Adjust the boat position and repeat until all the structure is in place......the right place. For long items such as logs or trees, use one on each end to reveal the direction it comes to rest on the lake floor. Create exactly the shape and design of cover you want.

When all the structure is installed, take a picture to document the exact position of all the individual units. The plan you intended can now be installed with precision and confidence. Hold fish in your own Spot.

When complete, simply pull each clip free from each structure and wind up for re-use. The clip attach's to the weight for tangle-free storage in the included cloth bag. Structurespot can also be used as standard fishing markers by attaching a weight to the clip. Use different colors to keep track of different types of structure. Fish with confidence.  Fish the Spot.



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