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About fishiding fish habitat


man on boat watching sunriseHere's a little bit of background on how this idea to create artificial fish habitat has developed and where we see it going in the future. Installing and creating additional fish habitat has been going on for many years.

We simply feel we have come up with a better way to help fish and the environment together,helping restore lost fish habitat and improving water quality.

Growing up in Northern Illinois, my dad started me fishing at a very young age and there my passion lies, these 40+ years later. Fishing for all kinds of freshwater species, then expanding into saltwater, has provided me with many years of learning and meeting qualified people in the industry.

Our local sportsmans club needed help handling the fish stocking and habitat programs. Our 830 acre Wonder Lake was in need of a great deal of habitat improvements.


Scrap and unwanted vinyl material is readily available in the midwest. Realizing this stuff would work great underwater and it’s keeping it out of the landfills, Algae will grow. Fish will come. Lasts forever. Win-win right?

 Testing of different sizes, weights, containers and variations began. Along with the input from the professionals, we developed a line of artificial fish structures that not only worked, fish started using them within a few days.


What started with the simplest idea and one crib model has helped turn the industry’s focus in the direction of artificial fish habitat products, lasting for many years to come. Our focus has always been to improve habitat for the fish. We are now learning how many other water and FISHING related benefits these products posess.

Our nation is losing habitat for fish at an alarming rate. Poor farming practices, manufacturing and development are just a few causes. Today, 39% of freshwater fish are at risk of extinction. Fifty percent of the nation's waterways are considered impaired. We want to help the fish. That will stay our goal.

Trial and error, lots of material, and more fishiding fish structure units in Wonder Lake. We continue to test and develop new textures, sizes and shapes of fish attractors for all types of needs. We film under water to see how the structure is being used by various sizes and types of fish. We continue to see every fish in the body of water utilize the cover at some time.

The biologists asked for something more dense, with fine strands to protect the smallest fry and larvae in shaloow water conditions.

Something easy to transport, fitting in the boat without the need of tools, weights, ropes or chains.                

Products that don’t add to energy and pollution concerns.  

These concerns have been addressed and resolved with utmost care and consideration. This is only the beginning.

The market is vast, from saltwater aquaculture, freshwater lakes, ponds and hatcheries, to aquariums and beyond. Fishiding.com will continue to re-shape fish habitat, one bend at a time, offering the most cost effective solution to artificial fish habitat. Helping save our waterways and fisheries, while being conscious of leaving no footprint from manufacturing.  This is what we believe. This is for the fish.

old man fishing

Get involved, do your part in reducing our nation’s dependency on fossil fuels. Help America strengthen by buying and supporting products made here in the states. Reclaimed fishiding artificial fish habitat is made in America.

Support your local sportsman/women, for all God’s creatures in our woods and waters they work to protect, being stewards of the land,water and creatures within.

Thanks for your help in improving fish habitat, water quallity and the gift of fishing for future generations of Americans,

David W. Ewald