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  • The Sprocket fish spawning rocket.
  • Large spawning area facing where the fish want.
  • Bed protection for years to come for multiple species.
  • Group of Sprocket spawning rockets ready for boxing
  • Small box, large spawning beds.
  • Rocke limbs can be shaped and bent as desired.
  • Sprocket comes in 10"x10" box, ready for placement in shallow spawning areas.
  • Offset fins settle into sand to create a stable wall of bed protection.

The Sprocket Fish Spawning Rocket


Product Description

The Sprocket Fish Spawning Rocket is the only, multi-species, artificial spawning structure, designed exclusively for nest protection and fry survival.

Self weighted and fully assembled, this 14 pound spawning rocket, can be installed directly from the box into shallow spawning water.

Three individual compartments provide fish a choice to bed in any direction with three sided protection, each measuring approx. 15"x72" with an overall diameter of over seven feet!.

sprocket spawning rocket

Three separate fins of thick PVC sheet each stand over 15" tall, protecting the bed and fry from predators.

Over 35 square feet of surface area over per unit, each providing shade and periphyton/algae growth.

Each of the three 45"x15" fins can be creased by hand, creating unique bedding and shading options, without losing three sided protection, or unit can be left to free form and shaped as shown. Material can be cut, bent and rolled to create unique shelters, your fish prefer.

sprocket spawning bed rocket

The flexible rocket tip acts as a handle for installation and added texture is surrounded by flat, layover strands. The combination of these surfaces in close proximity, create a miriad of nutritious growth which flourish together in a mass of nutrient rich food.

This model doesn't sit well on dry land because of the offset fins that embed into the sand/substrate. If pre-shaping is desired, set unit down on some sand and bend and crease the Sprocket fins where you want them. The sand acts like the lake floor, allowing the fins to stay where you want them. Otherwise, by simply reaching into the shallow water, this allows you to place the Sprocket fins in any direction and they stay there, embedded into the lake bottom.

Fins can be left curled, straight, or bent at any various angles. Bend the fin in the direction you want and crease the angle with your fingers to set. Each fin can also be bent and creased, directly off the base to help divide into three equal sections, before putting in additional vertical creases. The idea is to give Mr. Bass, three different options of which way to face, inshore, basin or to a side. By dividing the spaces equally, you can give him the most space in any section to prepare the bed for his girl to deposit her eggs.

 sprocket-bent.by hand

Units can be left in the lake year round, or removed after spawning from beach areas and docks and moved to different areas for shallow cover or stored. 

Bass will generally choose one compartment and keep other fish away from entire area around rocket.  For Bass, set Rockets about 30 feet apart, always on hard substrate like sand, rock, rubble where fish generally spawn, in two to five feet of water, placing by hand whenever possible.

Sprocket fin edges set into lake bottom before base hits, setting them in place as base drops down.


Sprocket fins can be bent, creased, curled and cranked any way you want, setting up ideally shaped spawing beds, hiding fry from predators.





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  1. bass nest in them 5 Star Review

    Posted by on 11th Sep 2017

    i had two bass nest in mine and babies grew up

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