Ten foot tall fish tree with Vertical UpRise

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Designed to enhance fish populations and create optimal conditions for various fish species, this artificial fish tree habitat is perfect for ponds or lakes. The aquatic environment of a fishery can greatly benefit from this structure, which provides ample shelter and cover for fish of all types. The fine, dense cover along the black, snag-proof trunk offers ideal habitat for both smaller and larger fish, catering to the diverse needs of different fish species. By mimicking the natural habitat that fish need to thrive, this artificial fish tree can help support healthy fish populations and contribute to a thriving aquatic ecosystem. Reclaimed PVC that is proven by the fish, in countless pictures and videos over a fifteen year span and counting. These man made fish habitat products are the real deal, proven to do as they claim and protect small creatures that grow up to feed big creatures.


Along with the over 125 square feet of surface area, this deep water crib unit comes with an additional bait fish puck that snaps high on the black trunk. Weighing approximately 40 pounds, this steeple of habitat will soar into the sunlight, gathering fish of all varieties and sizes. You have now plunged into the magnum series of artificial habitat structures, this thing is big!

The HighRise Habitat units cannot fall over because of the Vertical UpRise built right in. Steep slopes, not a problem with the perfect balance of shade, food and tight spaces to hide. No tools, parts or hassles. This truly is a giant, covering 2-6 times the area of other products available standing only 3'-6' tall.

As in all of the HighRise Habitat line of magnum tall structures, installation is a snap. Bend the multitude of limbs that range in size to your perfect desired shape. Pieces from 18" to 60" and widths from 1/4" to 4" wide. Next, pop in the bait fish puck and twist on the top section and that's it. Push, shove or toss this oasis of habitat into the depths, being assured it will stay standing tall in any bottom conditions with the integrated Vertical UpRise lift system.

Recommended for depths over 10 feet, you can now create a realistic landscape of cover, with an array of shapes and sizes of Fishiding habitat. Set units from deep and steep, to mid depth and then into shallow water for fish to utilize like a roadway.

A variety of complexity is key, along with the benefits of depth choice fish have to roam throughout. "Fish want something well above the lake floor and they like to choose the depth they want to hold while remaining close to the structure. The branches should reach from every depth of the crib in every direction and at every possible angle. If your finished crib looks even vaguely tidy, it needs more work." Eric Engbretson, underwater fish photographer "Why fish cribs work and why they fail"

When open, this column of cover will boast a 9'-6" diameter at the base, soaring up to 10 feet in height and over 125 square feet of shade with food from bottom to the surface.

Depending on boat size, it may be easier to pre-bend sections on shore and then tie up the limbs with a string. The limbs will spring back to the shape you bent when string is removed, after joining sections together on boat. Either way, from shore or in your boat takes 5-10 minutes to install from start to finish.

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  • 5
    Forest of habitat

    Posted by Larry Nebrent on 4th Mar 2021

    this model is best for our lake which is 12 feet deep. They stand up and fish hang all around them good. david was great to dal with too

  • 4
    Works well

    Posted by Brent Hanson on 27th Jan 2016

    I gave this 4 stars instead of five for only one reason...it's almost to big for my boat! It does stay up when ran onto with line and always seem to have a feww good keepers around. Good idea!