Ground Freight Shipping

We are changing things up, beating the system and saving you even more by shipping our habitat models and materials exclusively via ground freight, wrapped on pallets.

Mix up any habitat models, quantities, types and amounts, including loose habitat materials sold by the pound.

From as little as 250# up to 1500 pounds per pallet, you decide where you want them delivered and how much you will pay. Pick them up from hub in your truck, or have them rolled right into your garage, you decide.

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Choose from three different weight classes and costs by adding up the total weight of your order, then decide which delivery option you need.      Under 250#/$250           251#-800#/$350         801#-1500#/$425

Have your habitat delivered to your door, a single commercial address, or simply pick up your habitat at your nearest freight hub yourself for maximum ease and savings.

Fishiding habitat

Multiple carriers offer flexibility in delivery times, costs and options to fit your needs and your budget.

Please don't hesitate to call for help, we're here to make sure you get the best rates possible. Call for options/costs for small orders weighing less than 125 pounds shipped via UPS ground in boxes.

Optional liftgate service is available if a forklift is not available, or unload units by hand.

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Picking up at freight terminal allows you to set the time and day that is convienient for you and also the ability to drive the habitat directly to the lake in your pickup or trailer.

How it works:

1. Select the number and types of habitat models you want and add them to into your shopping cart.

2. Add the total weight of each of the units together to determine which shipping option your order will fit into.

3. Select the correct shipping options for your project and delivery needs and checkout.

4. Tracking information will be sent with information to pick up, receive or deliver per your requests.

Send us your list of choices and we'll help you decide where you can pick up at one of the numerous hubs nearby.::UPS Freight::Central::Transportation::Road Runner::Estes::R&L Carriers:: and many more!  

Call for options/costs for small orders weighing less than 125 pounds shipped via UPS ground in boxes.