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The Fishiding Habitat Explanation

Fishiding Reclaimed Artificial Fish Habitat.....what?

The name explains the concept, why and with what.  Containing only one "H" and a long "I". We prefer Fi-shIding, but Fish-hiding pretty much sums it up as well.

 We build houses of siding for fishes safe hiding, kinking and sinking to three stories tall.  Fish safe hiding from plastics we toss, not melting or burning adding to environmental loss.

Reclaimed is quite simply taking a product or material in it's original form and finding another use for it. Not to be confused with recycling although far better then the dump, needs re-working, mixing, melting, machinery etc. to break it down to a smaller form, beginning another manufacturing process. Additional chemicals and additives and power sources must be utilized to recycle. Great, but not nearly as clean and Green as reclaiming.

We pack our boxes with newspaper because it's reclaimed, takes a little longer but we feel it's worth it. Who needs more "popcorn" shipped to their home? Toss the paper in your recycling bin and the cycle goes on.

We began using vinyl siding and the many associated pieces of the industry. Over 20 billion pounds of siding are produced in North America each year and over 4 billion pounds of the U.S. siding waste is buried in landfills annually. As time went on, countless other types of pre and post consumer plastic waste has become available, allowing us to continue to develop habitat models catered specifically to a fish species age, surroundings and specific needs with materials being discarded.

We are consumers too and like things that make sense. No tools, cinder blocks, wires and cables to install are needed with any products we make. Wires/cables grab hooks. 

Made entirely in America by hand. Habitat as intricate as nature. Never two of the same.

We have confirmed by our filming and diving efforts over the last three years, fish don't prefer symetry and open shaped cover if dense and intricate cover is available. Dense, intricate cover with a basement level over head and vertical element above, as plants and deadfalls provide holds relaxed, healthy fish in bigger numbers.




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